A202. Replacement of I Grades

(Am. 3.83)
  1. Procedures
    1. Graduate Students

For graduate students, the method of replacement of the grade I by a final grade will be determined by the Dean of the Graduate Division and the Graduate Council.

    1. Undergraduate Students
      1. On completion of the required work or a deferred examination or both, as specified by the instructor or an authorized delegate, grade points will be assigned if the student receives a grade of A, B, C, or D as certified by the instructor. These grades may be modified by plus (+) or minus (-) in accordance with Regulation A201.B.
      2. On repetition of the course, grade points will be granted only with the approval of the Dean of the student's College, School, or Division. If the course is repeated without approval by the Dean, the I grade will be converted to a Grade of F and the repeated course will be treated as per Regulation A201.D.
  1. Deadline for Replacing I Grades
    • Except as noted below in sections B.1 and B.2, grades received by undergraduates may be replaced only during the following periods:
      Session in which the I Grade is received Deadline for replacement of the I Grade
      Fall Semester First day of instruction in following Fall Semester
      Spring Semester or Summer Session First day of instruction in following Spring Semester
    • Any I grade which has not been replaced by the deadline will be converted by the Office of Registrar to the grade F (or NP if the course was taken Passed or Not Passed). Thenceforward, but not retroactively, the grade, if F, is counted in computing the student's grade-point average in the same manner as any other assigned F.
    • The Dean of the student's College, School, or Division will have discretionary authority to extend these deadlines.          
    1. An undergraduate student may, within the above deadlines, notify in writing the Dean of the College, School or Division in which the student is enrolled at that time, that he or she has not attempted completion and will not complete the work required for removal of the I grade, and request that the I grade not be replaced by an F or NP. The Dean will forward such notification to the Office of the Registrar and that Office will not replace the grade I by an F or NP. This notification procedure is limited to no more than two courses and the decision is irrevocable.       
    2. If a degree is conferred before the end of the above deadlines following the assignment of an I grade, the grade will not be converted to an F or NP. However, the student still has the option to remove the I grade within the above deadlines.
  1. I Grade Criteria
    • Any instructor awarding an I grade must, at the same time, formally specify the:
      • reason for awarding the I grade;
      • nature of the work to be completed (term paper, hour exam, or other);
      • percentage of the grade to be based thereon; and
      • grade earned up to that point.
    • Specification will be made in the form of a written statement to the Department Chair and as a comment on the course report form submitted to the Registrar at the end of each term.
  1. I Grade Limits

Graduate Students

A graduate student with an I grade on his or her graduate record at Berkeley may proceed toward a degree only at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate Division.

Undergraduate Students

Any undergraduate student with 12 or more units of I on his or her record may not register unless permission to do so is granted by the Dean of the College, School, or Division in which the student is enrolled.