A204. Passed/Not Passed, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

(Am. 11.04.19, 05.04.23)

Subject to the following limitations and to any additional regulations which may be adopted by the Faculties of the various Schools and Colleges and the Graduate Council:

  • Undergraduates in good academic standing may elect to undertake letter-graded courses on a Passed or Not Passed basis; and
  • Graduate students in good academic standing may elect to undertake letter-graded courses on a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory basis.
  1.  Students enrolled in degree programs may receive credit for courses graded Passed or Satisfactory to a limit of one-third of the total units undertaken and passed on the Berkeley Campus at the time the degree is awarded.
    • Units completed in an Education Abroad Program, on another University of California campus by an undergraduate in an intercampus visitor program, or by a graduate in an intercampus exchange or joint doctoral program are considered Berkeley work for the purpose of this Regulation.
    • For graduate degree programs, grades of Satisfactory assigned in courses numbered 299 and courses in 300, 400, or 600 series are excluded in the computation.
    • Students enrolled in the Doctor of Optometry program will receive credit for all courses graded Satisfactory.
  1. Courses which are required in, or are prerequisite to, the student's major may be taken Passed or Not Passed or Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory only upon approval of the Faculty of the student’s School or College.
    • Courses which are required in a graduate student's major subject are determined by the student’s adviser.
  1. Special or limited-status students may take courses on a Passed or Not Passed basis at the discretion of the Dean of the School or College in which they are enrolled.
  2. Further exception to this Regulation may be made only with the approval of the Committee on Courses of Instruction of the Berkeley Division.