A208. Grade Points for University Extension "XB" Courses

(En. 4.25.05; Am. 4.27.06; EC 05.03.17)

UC Berkeley Extension courses carrying the “XB” designation on University Extension transcripts shall be accepted for unit, requirement, and grade-point credit on the Berkeley campus, subject to the following conditions (see SR 810A):

  1. “XB” courses shall not count toward satisfaction of the residence requirement of the University (SR 630), the residence requirement of the Berkeley Division (BDR A290), or of the student's College.
  2. Students in dismissed status must obtain Dean’s approval prior to enrolling in “XB” courses in order to receive grade points toward graduation in their College for those courses. For dismissed students, grade points shall be counted toward graduation only upon successful readmission to their College.

 “XB” courses shall be accepted for unit, requirement, and grade-point credit for only a student who: 1) has been admitted to and is a regularly matriculated student on the Berkeley campus, or 2) has taken “XB” courses through the Fall Program for Freshmen and subsequently admitted to a degree program or college at Berkeley.

Regulation A208 is to be applied only to University Extension “XB” courses undertaken in or after the fall semester 2005, at which time it shall be mandatory for all eligible students. Regulation A208 does not apply to University Extension “XB” courses taken before then. Regulation A208 shall apply to all “XB” courses without exception and students shall not have the right to petition that only credits shall count.