A241. Normal Progress

(Am. 3.83)
  1. Undergraduates
    • For undergraduates, normal progress toward a degree requires 30 units of successfully completed course work each year.
    • Continued enrollment of a student who fails to achieve minimum academic progress shall be subject to approval of the Dean of the College or School in which the student is enrolled.
    • To achieve minimum academic progress, the student must meet two criteria:
      1. The student must have successfully completed a number of units no fewer than the number of semesters, less one, in which the student has been enrolled on the Berkeley Campus multiplied by 15. For the purposes of this Regulation, Summer Sessions will not be counted as Semesters.
      2. A student’s study list shall contain at least 12 units in any term, unless otherwise authorized by the Dean of the student's College, School, or Division.
  1. Graduates

Normal progress for graduate students is determined by the Graduate Council. (En. 3.83)