A270. Criteria

(Am. 3.83, 4.84; EC 05.03.22)

Each School and College may establish criteria for Honors to Date and Honors at graduation, subject to the following minimum limitations and to any additional regulations that may be adopted by the Faculties of the various Schools and Colleges.

  1. Honors to Date
    • Students must have completed a minimum of 12 units undertaken for letter grades on the Berkeley Campus to be considered for award of Honors.
    • Students receiving Honors shall be those who have achieved a grade-point average usual to or greater than the grade-point average as determined for their College or School by the method of paragraph B of this Regulation.
    • The actual date to which Honors are awarded shall be entered on the student's transcript.
  1. Honors in General Scholarship at Graduation

Students eligible for Honors in general scholarship at graduation must have:

    1. Completed in the University of California a minimum of 50 semester units of which a minimum of 43 units must be undertaken for a letter grade; for those students who complete more than 50 units in the University of California, the limit of Passed /Not Passed units is set forth in Regulation A204.A;
    2. Completed a minimum of 30 units on the Berkeley Campus; and
    3. Achieved a grade-point average ranking them in their College or School as follows -

Top 3%                      Highest Honors

Next 7%                     High Honors

Next 10%                   Honors

At the end of each academic year, the Registrar shall determine for each School and College the minimum grade-point average of the top 3 percent, the next 7 percent, and the next 10 percent of the students graduating in that year. These grade-point averages shall serve each College and school as minimal criteria for Honors during the next academic year.