In May 2014, the committees on the Status of Women and Ethnic Minorities and Student Diversity and Academic Development merged to form the Committee on Diversity, Equity and Campus Climate, in order to facilitate a more effective Senate voice on issues of diversity, equity, and campus climate.

Its duties are: to encourage and aid departments in strengthening their efforts to foster and achieve equality of opportunity for academic personnel, students, and academic programs; to review information on the status of affirmative action, campus climate, and diversity provided by the campus and University administrations and make recommendations regarding said findings to the Divisional Council; to report to the Division annually on the progress of the campus in achieving equality of opportunity and a supportive campus climate for underrepresented and otherwise excluded groups; and to advise, aid, and review academic preparation and development programs (from pre-college to graduate level) in order to help such programs encourage and aid students who have encountered restricted educational opportunities.  Meets 2 x month on Thursdays from 2-4pm.

Committee Members

  • Donna Jones (Engl), Chair
  • David Ahn (Econ)
  • Natalia Brizuela (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Keith Feldman (Ethnic Studies)
  • Darlene Francis (Psych/Pub Hlth), UCOPE rep.
  • Rodney Hero (Political Science)
  • Nikki Jones (African American St.)
  • Alessandra Lanzara (Physics+ UCAAD representative for fall 16 only
  • Khalid Mosalam (CEE)
  • Todd Olson (Art Hist)
  • Janelle Scott (Educ)
  • Lok Siu (Eth Studies) + UCAAD representative for spring 17 only
  • Chelsea Specht (PMB)
  • Susan Irene Stone (Social Welfare)
  • Annette Vissing-Jorgensen (Bus Admin)
  • Jen-Chywan "Wally" Wang (Nutri Sci & Tox)
  • Tarek Zohdi (ME)
  • Yasmeen Ahmed, ASUC rep.
  • Emma Lucken, Grad Assembly rep.

  • Ex-officio (non-voting)

            Robert Powell (Poli Sci), Div Chair [non-voting]

            Na'ilah Nasir, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion [non-voting]

            Angy Stacy, AVP Office of Faculty Equity & Welfare