Works with administration on issues of faculty welfare.  Meets once a month on Mondays from 3-5pm.

More on Faculty Welfare

Report on Faculty Survey on Health Benefits

Committee Members

  • Carline Kane (MCB), Co-chair + UCFW rep
  • Terrance Hendershott (Bus Ad), Co-chair +UCFW alt
  • Rodrigo Almeida (ESPM)
  • Carol Clover (Scand)
  • Anthony Fisher (ARE)
  • Mark Gergen (Law) 
  • Steven Glaser (CEE)
  • Evelyn Nakano Glenn (GWS)
  • Maggie Kelly (ESPM)
  • Terrance Odean (Bus Ad) alt
  • Kenneth Polse (Optometry)
  • Shannon Steen (TDPS)
  • David Steigmann (ME)
  • Ex Officio:
  • Robert Powell (Poli Sci), Division Chair [non-voting]