Senate Leadership

There are four positions of leadership within the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate: a Division Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and a Parliamentarian. The Division Chair:

  • Presides at meetings of the Division and of the Divisional Council.
  • Sits, upon invitation or at his or her discretion, without vote, in deliberations of any committee of the Division.
  • Serves, ex officio, as a member of the Assembly of the Academic Senate and of the Academic Council, and as Chair of the Divisional Committee on Assembly Representation.
  • Refers matters to the officers or agencies of the Division and of the Administration, as appropriate.

Committee chairs are also leaders within the Senate; in addition to providing leadership to their committees, they sit on the Divisional Council (DIVCO), which speaks on behalf of the Berkeley Division.

Beginning on August 26 for 2020-21, Senate Leadership includes:

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks


Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

(510) 642-4226

Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett

 (510) 642-4226

Ron Cohen picture

Vice Chair
Ronald C. Cohen

Chemistry/Earth & Planetary Science
(510) 642-4226

J. Keith Gilless

ESPM/Agricultural and Resource Economics
 (510) 642-4226