Assembly Representation (AREP)

Represents the Berkeley Division at meetings of the Statewide Assembly. The call to meetings will be distributed to Senate members at least 10 calendar days prior to the meeting, per Senate Bylaw 120.B, and will be available on the systemwide Assembly web page (see Related Links below). Berkeley Senate members may comment on agenda items through their Assembly representatives. If you would like to participate in an Assembly teleconference from a central campus location, please contact us for coordination purposes at

Committee Roster 2022-23


  • Mary Ann Smart (Music) – Division Chair

  • Adrian Aguilera (Social Welfare) - DIVCO elected member
  • Martha Olney (Economics) - DIVCO elected member
  • Chris Hoofnagle (Law) - DIVCO elected member
  • Dean Toste (Chemistry)
  • Rosemary Joyce (Anthropology) - Spring only


  • Maximilian Auffhammer (ARE/IAS) - Division Vice Chair (first alternate)

If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact

Meeting Schedule

December 8

February 8

April 19

June 8