Faculty Athletics Council (FACL)

As of May, 2020, the Senate Athletics Council has become the Faculty Athletics Council, a standing committee. FACL advises the Senate and Administration on matters pertaining to the welfare of student-athletes both in and out of the classroom.

Committee Roster 2020-21


  • Mark D'Esposito (Psychology/Neuroscience) - Chair


  • Kathryn Abrams (Law)
  • Rodrigo Almeida (ESPM)
  • Greg Aponte (Nutritional Sci & Toxicology)
  • Georjana Barnes (MCB)
  • Bryan Graham (Economics)
  • Bernard Gifford (Education)
  • Molly Van Houweling (Law)

Ex Officio

  • Jennifer Johnson-Hanks (Demography/Sociology) - Division Chair (nonvoting)
  • Jenny Simon-O'Neill, Associate Director of Athletics (nonvoting)
  • Bob Jacobsen (Physics) - Faculty Athletics Representative (voting)
  • Anil Aswani (IEOR) - Undergraduate Council Representative (voting)


  • Graduate student-athlete: TBD

  • Undergraduate student-athlete: Kamryn Lanier


  • Committee Chair 

Meeting Schedule

Fall semester meetings are to be determined; meetings will be held remotely.

Annual Report

Please contact the committee chair for additional reports.