Divisional Council (DIVCO)

Acts on behalf of the Division on matters other than legislative matters retained by the Division.

Committee Roster 2023-24


  • Maximilian Auffhammer (ARE/IAS) – Division Chair 

  • Amani Nuru-Jeter (Public Health) - Division Vice Chair 


  • Chistopher Ansell (Political Science) - Chair, UGC

  • Terrence Deacon (Anthropology) - Secretary—non-voting, and Chair, R&E – Fall only

  • Lia Fernald (Public Health) - Chair, COR

  • J. Keith Gilless (ARE/ESPM) Co-chair, FWEL

  • Carla Hesse (History) - Secretary—non-voting, and Chair, R&E – Spring only

  • David Landreth (English) - Chair, COCI

  • Rachel Morello-Frosch (ESPM) - Chair, BIR

  • Kent Puckett (English) - Chair, GC

  • Jonathan Sheehan (History) - Chair, COMS

  • J. Miguel Villas-Boas (Business) - Chair, CAPRA

  • Sophie Volpp (Comp Lit) Chair, AEPE

  • Nancy Wallace (Business) - Co-chair, FWEL

  • Christine Wildsoet (Optometry) - Chair, DECC

Elected Members

  • Adrian Aguilera (Social Welfare) Spring only
  • Silvia Bunge (Psychology)
  • Tyrone Hayes (IB)

  • Jonah Levy (Political Science)

  • Jelani Nelson (EECS)

  • Lisa Wymore (TDPS)


Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.