Academic Freedom (ACFR)

Considers and reports on conditions of academic freedom within the University.

Committee Roster 2021-22


  • Sean Gailmard (Political Science) - Chair


  • Vinod Aggarwal (Political Science)
  • Alexei Efros (EECS)
  • Chris Hoofnagle (Law)
  • Na Ji (Physics)
  • Orin Kerr (Law)
  • Enrico Morertti (Economics)
  • Stefania Pandolfo (Anthropology)
  • Christine Philliou (History)

Student Members

  • TBD - Graduate Student
  • TBD - Undergraduate Student

Ex Officio

  • Ronald C. Cohen (Chemistry/Earth and Planetary Science) – Division Chair (nonvoting)


  • Sean Gailmard (Pollitical Science) - Chair

Meeting Schedule

Please contact the committee chair for meeting information.

Annual Report

Please contact the Academic Senate office for annual reports.