Rules and Elections (R&E)

Interprets and proposes changes to the By-Laws and Regulations. Supervises elections and other Divisional votes. Secretary is chair of R&E.

Committee Roster 2023-24


  • Carla Hesse (History) - Chair, spring 2024
  • Terrence Deacon (Anthropology) - Chair, fall 2023


  • William Dow (Public Health)
  • Wesley Holliday (Philosophy)
  • Candace Yano (Business/IEOR)

Ex Officio

  • Maximilian Auffhammer (IAS/ARE) – Division Chair (nonvoting)

By Invitation

  • Andrew Garrett (Linguistics) - Parliamentarian (nonvoting)


Meeting Schedule

Please contact the analyst for meeting information.

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.