Faculty Awards (FAC)

Proposes recipients of the Clark Kerr Award (for contributions to the advancement of higher education), and Divisional  awards for faculty.

Committee Roster 2019-20


  • Ali Javey (EECS) - Chair


  • Venkatachalam Anantharam (EECS)
  • Weihong Bao (EALC and Film & Media)
  • George Breslauer (Political Science)
  • Catherine Choy (Ethnic Studies)
  • Sunil Dutta (Business)
  • Steven N. Evans (Statistics/Mathematics)
  • Benjamin Handel (Economics)
  • Ling Hon Lam (EALC)
  • Paulo Monteiro (CEE)
  • Jasper Rine (MCB)

Ex Officio

  • Oliver O'Reilly (Mech Eng) - Division Chair (nonvoting)


Meeting Schedule

September 16

November 18


January 29

February 24

April 8

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.