Teaching (COT)

Promotes good teaching and evaluates candidates for the Distinguished Teaching Awards and awards educational grants.

Committee Roster 2019-20


  • Glynda Hull (Education) - Chair


  • John Campbell (Philosophy)
  • Eugene Chiang (Astronomy & EPS)
  • Christopher Crysler (Architecture)
  • Richard Hernandez (Journalism)
  • Steven Murray (Physical Ed)
  • Panos Patatoukas (Business)
  • Lisa Pruitt (Mech Eng)
  • Andrea Roth (Law)

Student Members

  • Micah Brush (Graduate Assembly)
  • Valerie Hammer (ASUC)

Ex Officio

  • Oliver O'Reilly (Mech Eng) - Division Chair (nonvoting)


  • Melanie Green (Research, Teaching & Learning)

Meeting Schedule

Please contact the committee analyst for meeting information.


Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.