Donate to the Senate

The Academic Senate offers two opportunities for individuals and organizations to support the Senate's role in shared governance:

Berkeley Division-Academic Senate Fund

This fund was established in the 1990’s with an initial gift from the late Professor John M. Quigley, who served as Berkeley Division Chair in 1996-97. The fund supports the ongoing operations of the Berkeley Division as well as awards that recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of Berkeley faculty.

The Berkeley Division of the Senate provides the organizational framework and support that enables the faculty to exercise its right to participate in the University's governance. Its awards include the Clark Kerr Award, the Berkeley Faculty Service Award, the Leon Henkin Citation, the Edward M. Dickson Emeriti Professorship, and the Distinguished Teaching Award. Your donation to this fund will help the Senate continue to fulfill its unique role in the governance of UC Berkeley and continue its tradition of honoring distinguished faculty.

Scheiber Faculty Research Fund

Endowed by Professor Harry Scheiber and administered by the Committee on Research, this fund helps support the Senate’s research grants to emeritus faculty. Professor Scheiber, who served as Berkeley Division Chair in 1994-95, was Chair of the Committee on Research in 1991-92; in that role, he led the Senate’s grant program that helped keep emeritus faculty engaged in the life of the university and spur the development of new ideas.  Your gift to the Scheiber Faculty Research Fund will help the Senate continue to give these research grants.