Library (LIBR)

Advises the Chancellor regarding administration of the Library. 

Committee Roster 2020-21


  • Thomas Dandelet (History) - Chair


  • Dennis Baldocchi (ESPM)
  • Deborah Blocker (French)
  • Richard Borcherds (Mathematics)
  • Jonathan Bray (CEE)
  • Steven Brenner (PMB)
  • John Chiang (Geography)
  • Mark Haiman (Mathematics)
  • Gregory Levine (History of Art) (Spring 2021 only)
  • Christine Rosen (Business)
  • Ellen Simms (Integrative Biology) + UCOLASC
  • Garrison Sposito (ESPM)

Student Members

  • Paulina Hartono, Graduate Assembly
  • Amanda Hill, ASUC

Ex Officio

  • Ronald C. Cohen (Chemistry/Earth and Planetary Science) – Division Chair (nonvoting)

By Invitation

  • Jeffrey Mackie-Mason, Librarian
  • Susan McElrath, LAUC-B, Vice Chair


  • Thomas Dandelet (History) - Chair

Meeting Schedule

Please contact the committee chair for meeting information.

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.