Library (LIBR)

Advises the Chancellor regarding administration of the Library. 

Committee Roster 2018-19


  • Charles Blanton (English) - Chair


  • Richard Borcherds (Mathematics)
  • Jonathan Bray (CEE)
  • Steven Brenner (PMB)
  • Thomas Dandelet (History)
  • Amy Rose Deal (Linguistics)
  • Geoffrey Koziol (History) (UCOLASC rep) (Spring 2019 only)
  • Kevin O'Hara (ESPM)
  • Daniel Rokhsar (MCB)
  • Christine Rosen (Business)
  • Ellen Simms (Integrative Biology)
  • Garrison Sposito (ESPM)
  • Winnie Wong (Rhetoric)

Student Members

  • Aastha Jha, ASUC
  • Paulina Hartono, Graduate Assembly

Ex Officio

  • Barbara Spackman (Italian Studies and Comparative Literature) - Division Chair (nonvoting)

By Invitation

  • Jeffrey Mackie-Mason, Librarian
  • Naomi Shiraishi, LAUC-B, Vice Chair


  • Charles Blanton (English) - Chair

Meeting Schedule

Please contact the committee chair for meeting information.

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.