American Cultures (AMCULT)

Subcommittee of COCI. Evaluates courses with respect to Regulation 300 (Breadth Requirement in the study of American Cultures).

Committee Roster 2017-18


  • James Porter (Rhetoric) - Chair


  • Irene Bloemraad (Sociology)
  • Charles Briggs (Anthropology)
  • Ivonne del Valle (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Jack Glaser (Public Policy)
  • Zeus Leonardo (Education) - fall only
  • J. Theodore Pena (Classics) - spring only
  • Katherine Snyder (English)
  • Christopher Tomlins (Law)
  • Bryan Wagner (English)

Student Members

  • Dominique Lewis (ASUC)
  • Melvin Tangonan (ASUC)

Ex Officio

  • Lisa Alvarez-Cohen (CEE) - Division Chair - nonvoting

By Invitation

  • Victoria Robinson (American Cultures Center) - Program Director - nonvoting


Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on Fridays from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in 320 Stephens Hall. 

Also see the AMCULT Review Schedule.


Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.