Faculty Research Lecture (FRL)

Nominates for the approval by the Divisional Council two members of the Division who have distinguished records in research.

Committee Roster 2018-19


  • Francine Masiello (Comparative Literature/Spanish and Portuguese) - Chair


  • Harvey Blanch (Chem Eng)
  • William Dietrich (EPS)
  • Jennifer Doudna (MCB/Chem)
  • Mark Griffith (Classics)
  • Victoria Kahn (English)
  • Thomas Laqueur (History)
  • Pamela Samuelson (Law)
  • James Sethian (Mathematics)
  • Montgomery Slatkin (Integrative Biology)

Ex Officio

  • Barbara Spackman (Italian Studies/Comp Lit) - Division Chair (nonvoting)


Meeting Schedule

Please contact the committee analyst for meeting information.

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for reports.