Faculty Research Lecture (FRL)

Nominates for the approval by the Divisional Council two members of the Division who have distinguished records in research.

2018 Martin Meyerson Berkeley Faculty Research Lectures at Chevron Auditorium, International House:

Wednesday, April 4, 4 pm Victoria Kahn (English and Comparative Literature)

Monday, April 23, 4 pm - William Dietrich (Earth and Planetary Science)

Committee Roster 2017-18


  • Barbara Romanowicz - Chair


  • Harvey Blanch (Chem Eng)
  • Jennifer Doudna (MCB)
  • Catherine Gallagher (English)
  • Mark Griffith (Classics)
  • Thomas Laqueur (History)
  • Francine Masiello (Comparative Literature)
  • Pamela Samuelson (Law)
  • James Sethian (Mathematics)
  • Montgomery Slatkin (Integrative Biology)

Ex Officio

  • Lisa Alvarez-Cohen (CEE) - Division Chair (nonvoting)


Meeting Schedule

Please contact the committee analyst for meeting information.

Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for reports.