Faculty Research Lecture (FRL)

Nominates for the approval by the Divisional Council two members of the Division who have distinguished records in research, each to deliver a lecture upon a topic of his or her choice.

The Martin Meyerson Berkeley Faculty Research Lecture recognizes representatives from our distinguished faculty whose research has changed the shape of their discipline and allows them to share their innovative work with the broader campus community and the public. The Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate selects two Faculty Research Lecturers per year—usually one in the sciences and one in the arts, humanities or social sciences. Each will give a public lecture hosted by the Chancellor.

Committee Roster 2022-23


  •  William Dietrich (EPS) - Chair


  • Jill Banfield (ESPM)
  • David Card (Economics)
  • Timothy Hampton (Comp Lit)
  • Victoria Kahn (English)
  • Steven Lindow (PMB)
  • David Raulet (MCB)
  • Birgitta Whaley (Chemistry)
  • Franklin Zimring (Law)

Ex Officio

  • Mary Ann Smart (Music) – Division Chair (nonvoting)


Meeting Schedule


Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for reports.