Faculty Research Lecturers 1990-Present


Lecturer Name


2019-20 David Card Economics
2019-20 Steven Lindow Plant and Microbial Biology
2018-19 Jill Banfield Earth & Plantary Science
2018-19 Alison Gopnik Psychology
2017-18 William Dietrich Earth & Planetary Science
2017-18 Victoria Kahn Comparative Literature/English
2016-17 James Sethian Mathematics
2016-17 Thomas W. Laqueur History
2015-16 Mark Griffith Classics and Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
2015-16 Pamela Samuelson Law and Information
2014-15 Montgomery Slatkin Integrative Biology
2014-15 Jennifer Doudna Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2013-14 Harvey Blanch Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
2013-14 Francine Masiello Spanish and Comparative Literature
2012-13 Catherine Gallagher English
2012-13 Barbara Romanowicz Earth and Planetary Science
2011-12 Terry Speed Statistics
2011-12 Jan de Vries History and Economics
2010-11 Linda Williams Film Studies and Rhetoric
2010-11 Saul Perlmutter Physics
2009-10 Walter Alvarez Earth and Planetary Science
2009-10 Leslie Kurke Classics and Comparative Literature
2008-09 Robert L. Hass English
2008-09 Michael Levine Genetics, Genomics, and Development
2007-08 Jean M.J. Frechet Chemistry
2007-08 Daniel Boyarin Near Eastern Studies and Rhetoric
2006-07 Martin Jay History
2006-07 Vaughan F.R. Jones Mathematics
2005-06 Nicholas R. Cozzarelli Molecular and Cell Biology
2005-06 Barry Stroud Philosophy
2004-05 Judith Butler Rhetoric, Comparative Literature, and Gender and Women's Studies
2004-05 John Clarke Physics and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2003-04 Erich S. Gruen History and Classics
2003-04 David B. Wake Integrative Biology
2002-03 Nancy Scheper-Hughes Medical Anthropology
2002-03 Gabor A. Somorjai Chemistry
2001-02 Robert Tijan Molecular and Cell Biology
2001-02 Timothy J. Clark History of Art
2000-01 Frank H. Shu Astronomy
2000-01 Richard Taruskin Music
1999-2000 Anthony A. Long Classics
1999-2000 Alexandre Chorin Mathematics
1998-99 Robert L. Middlekauff American History
1998-99 Randy W. Schekman Molecular and Cell Biology
1997-98 John E. Casida Chemical and Molecular Entomology
1997-98 Robert B. Alter Hebrew and Comparative Literature
1996-97 Ernst B. Haas Government
1996-97 Marvin L. Cohen Physics
1995-96 Alexander Pines Chemistry
1995-96 Stephen Greenblatt English
1994-95 Gene Brucker History
1994-95 Manuel Blum Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
1993-94 Howard K. Schachman Molecular and Cell Biology
1993-94 Susan Ervin-Tripp Psychology
1992-93 Yuan T. Lee Chemistry
1992-93 Sanford H. Kadish Law
1991-92 Frederick C. Crews English
1991-92 Doris H. Calloway Nutritional Sciences
1990-91 Paul L. Richards Physics
1990-91 Andrew W. Imbrie Music