2020 Berkeley Faculty Service Award

The Berkeley Faculty Service Award (BFSA) honors a member of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate for their outstanding and dedicated service to the campus, and whose activities as a faculty member have significantly enhanced the quality of the campus as an educational institution and community of scholars. This award recognizes Senate service, which is essential to the ideal of shared governance, and contributions that have had a lasting and significant impact on the excellence of the Berkeley campus.

2020 BFSA recipients are Jeffrey Knapp and Panos Papadopoulos

Jeffrey Knapp

Jeffrey Knapp

The Ida Mae and William J. Eggers Chair in English

Department of English

Professor Jeffrey Knapp, The Ida Mae and William J. Eggers Chair in English, has a long history of outstanding service to committees of the Academic Senate and also in various important roles on behalf of the campus community at large. Professor Knapp’s extensive service has delivered enormous benefits to his Berkeley colleagues.   

Professor Knapp’s tireless service to the Academic Senate dates back to 1990, the first year he joined the faculty in English. Since then he has served almost continuously on the Academic Senate with the only interruptions by system-wide service (2003-2004, 2011-12, 2014-15), due to chairing his department (1996-99), sabbaticals, and fellowships. Among these various Senate services ranging from Committee on Prizes to Faculty Welfare and the Panel of Counselors as chair (2016-18), Professor Knapp has chaired two exceptionally demanding and important committees: Budget and Interdepartmental Relations (2010-11) and Privilege & Tenure (2003-2004, Fall 2004). In addition to serving for many years as a member of various Senate committees, Professor Knapp was also a member of the Task Force on Faculty Compensation for the Haas School (2011-12) and the Joint Administrative- Senate Task Force on the Budget (2010-11). This is an extraordinary record of Professor Knapp’s commitment to Berkeley.

In addition to chairing the UC Committee on Academic Personnel (2014-15; member and vice chair, 2011-13), Professor Knapp chaired the UC Senate Working Group on APM 210. Professor Knapp was also a member of the Joint Administrative and UC Senate Working Group on Total Compensation (2014-15). This service bears particular significance in enhancing Berkeley’s capacity to retain and recruit the world’s best researchers and teachers.

Panos Papadopoulos

Panos Papadopoulos

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Panayiotis (Panos) Papadopoulos has a distinguished record of service and leadership in the Academic Senate. He was a member of the Committee on the Library (LIBR), 2001-2005; the Committee on Course of Instruction (COCI), 2005-2008; and the Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (CAPRA), first as vice chair, 2010-2012, and then as co-chair 2012-2013.  Subsequently, he served as vice chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, 2013-2014, and then as Division chair, 2014-2015.

Professor Papadopoulos has worked passionately and tirelessly in addressing issues of importance to the faculty and to the student body. During his time on CAPRA and as Division chair, he played a pivotal role in bringing faculty voices on finance and budgeting issues.

During his time as Division chair, Professor Papadopoulos led the Senate in reforming the undergraduate admissions process and in particular in refining the procedures for the admissions of student athletes. He was involved in establishing the Undergraduate Council as a body to parallel the Graduate Council. The Undergraduate Council advises the Senate on matters related to undergraduate curriculum development and on issues related to the quality of undergraduate student life.  For several years, he was one of the prime movers to establish a residential college on the UC Berkeley campus, Bowles Hall. Bowles Hall was reimagined as a coed space and developed via an innovative private/public partnership.

Panos Papadopoulos is a Berkeley lifer. His colleagues note that outside his family, his great passion is Cal. He cares deeply about it, and formally and informally strives to improve it.