History of the Berkeley Faculty Service Award

The Berkeley Faculty Service Award honors one or two members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate annually for their outstanding and dedicated service to the campus, and whose activities as faculty members have significantly enhanced the quality of the campus as an educational institution and community of scholars. This award recognizes Senate service, which is essential to the idea of shared governance, and contributions that have had a lasting and significant impact on the excellence of the Berkeley campus.



Kris Gutiérrez

Education 2022

Alice Agogino

Mechanical Engineering 2021
Oliver O'Reilly Mechanical Engineering 2021
Jeffrey Knapp English 2020
Panos Papadopoulos Mechanical Engineering 2020
Ignacio Navarrete Spanish & Portuguese 2019
Nancy Wallace Business Administration 2019
J. Keith Gilless Environmental Science Policy & Management 2018
Robert Powell Political Science 2018
David Lieberman Law 2017
Trond Petersen Sociology 2017
Janet Broughton Philosophy 2016
Bob Jacobsen Physics 2016
George C. Johnson Mechanical Engineering 2015
Harry N. Scheiber Law 2015
Joseph Cerny Chemistry 2014
Margaretta M. Lovell History of Art 2014
Fiona Doyle Materials Science & Engineering 2013
Nicholas P. Jewell Public Health & Statistics 2013
Elizabeth Deakin City & Regional Planning 2012
Ronald Gronsky Materials Science & Engineering 2012
Mary Firestone Environmental Science Policy & Management 2011
Robert Spear Public Health 2011
David Bogy Mechanical Engineering 2010
Christina Maslach Psychology 2010
Robert M. Anderson Economics & Mathematics 2009
Margaret Conkey Anthropology 2008
Herbert Strauss Chemistry 2008
Carol J. Clover Scandinavian 2007
Herma Hill Kay Law 2007
Sheldon Zedeck Psychology 2006
Calvin Moore Mathematics 2005
Judith E. Gruber Political Science 2003