Conflict Resolution: Panel of Counselors

The Panel of Counselors is available to advise faculty on formal avenues for resolution of conflicts or problems. They are empaneled as required under Senate Bylaw 335.B.1: “For the purpose of advising Senate members on the available relief in case of a potential grievance, each Division, in accordance with specifications to be determined by such Division, shall appoint an individual or panel (preferably former members of the Privilege and Tenure Committee, but not current members) who shall be available to each grievant to discuss the claim of violation of rights and privileges and to provide advice on the appropriate procedure to be followed.”

Faculty seeking advice on informal resolution options should contact the Faculty Ombudspersons instead.

The Panel of Counselors are available to advise faculty in instances where informal resolutions have not worked or an informal resolution does not seem likely. They are knowledgeable about faculty rights and privilege and can offer advice with regard to the preparation and management of cases within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure. A counselor may also act as an informal mediator. Contact the chair of the Panel or call the Panel of Counselors Senate Analyst Patrick Allen(link sends e-mail)  for a referral.