About the Committees

Standing Committees

Considers and reports on conditions of academic freedom within the University.
Initiates and advises on annual and long-range academic and physical planning.
Considers and reports on policies and practices affecting the composition of the Berkeley undergraduate student population.
Evaluates courses with respect to Regulation 300 (Breadth Requirement in the study of American Cultures)
Represents the Berkeley Division at meetings of the Statewide Assembly.
Represents the Division in academic appointment and promotion matters and in the allocation of resources.
Appoints The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Parliamentarian of the Division; All other Standing Committees; Special Committees as the Division may direct; Nominees for appointment to administrative committees when called upon by The Chancellor; and Student Members to Committees on Educational Affairs.
Approves new courses and modification in existing courses; considers requests for variances in course and graduation requirements.
The Committee represents the Division in matters relating to demonstrations, protests, and similar actions on campus.
Considers and reports upon matters involving questions of educational policy.
Acts on behalf of the Division on matters other than legislative matters retained by the Division
Considers policy matters affecting the educational mission of the campus, including allocation of resources and establishment or disestablishment of educational units.
Proposes recipients of Clark Kerr Award (contribution to advancement of higher education) and various external awards for faculty.
Nominates for the approval by the Divisional Council two members of the Division who have made distinguished records in research.
Works with administration on issues of Faculty welfare.
Exercises administrative and coordinating functions in the Graduate Division
Advises the Chancellor regarding administration of the Library.
Responsible for the preparation and publication of commemorative statements concerning deceased members of the Division.
(Not a Committee) Individual members hear complaints from academic personnel regarding actions by members of the Division and other officers of the University, by students, or by staff.
Provides advice and may act as mediators in cases within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Privilege & Tenure.
Hears complaints from officers of instruction regarding various matters of academic privilege, appointment, tenure and promotion.
Supervises the award of Berkeley student prizes
Awards research grants and advises on research policy.
Interprets and proposes changes to the By-Laws and Regulations. Supervises elections and other Divisional votes. Secretary is chair of R&E.
As a result of the discussion and vote by Divisional Council (DIVCO) on April 1, 2013, the following Senate structure has been created to coordinate all of the Senate work with respect to Intercollegiate Athletics on campus. The Senate Athletics Council is charged with advising the Academic Senate on all matters of faculty concern related to Intercollegiate Athletics (IA), with particular reference to the academic and personal well-being of student athletes, the financial performance of IA, and the accountability of IA to the educational values and goals of the Berkeley campus. This group shall be composed of the members of Senate Committees who serve on the University Athletics Board (UAB), and at least three at-large members, and will be appointed by Committee on Committees: · Division Chair · Division Vice Chair · Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (two members, who comprise the sub-committee on IA Finances) · Admissions, Enrollment and Preparatory Education Chair · Status of Women and Ethnic Minorities or Student Diversity and Academic Development (Chair or delegated member) · At least three at-large faculty representatives The Senate Athletics Council will meet at least twice a year to engage with issues of faculty concern related to IA’s role and activities on campus, and work to facilitate a transparent and accountable relationship between IA and the faculty.
Promotes good teaching and evaluates candidates for the Distinguished Teaching Awards and awards educational grants.
Advises Senate on matters related to undergraduate curriculum development. Participates in departmental reviews and proposals for new undergraduate majors and schools. Advises Senate on issues related to the quality of undergraduate student life.
This committee recommends to the Chancellor policies related to awarding of all undergraduate financial aid; awards such undergraduate scholarships restricted to students at UC Berkeley; sets criteria for the award of undergraduate honors.