3.1.8 Regulation of the Academic Senate Related to Instructors of University Extension Courses

800. University Extension: Persons in Charge of Courses

A. All members of the University Extension staff who offer courses that are announced as yielding credit toward an academic degree or a professional credential or certificate shall be members of University departments in which instruction is offered, or in the case of lower division, "100" series upper division, and "200" series graduate courses bearing the prefixes "X," "XB," "XSF," etc., shall be endorsed by the Committee on Courses of Instruction concerned (or other committee having jurisdiction over corresponding regular courses) acting in consultation with the departments in question, and in the case of "X300" and "X400" series graduate professional courses, must be approved (1) by the department or school or college and (2) in accordance with requirements established by the Committee on Courses of Instruction of the Division of the Academic Senate on the campus where the courses received departmental approval. [See LR 10.65(link is external)http://senate.universityofcalifornia.edu/bylaws-regulations/appendix2.html(link is external)]

B. All members of the University Extension teaching staff who offer courses with the prefix "XCal" shall be approved by the University-wide Committee on University Extension, acting in concurrence with the department most directly concerned.

C. 1. Courses in which both resident and Extension students are enrolled and in which resident students receive grade-point and degree credit are defined as concurrent courses. Concurrent courses shall be offered and supervised by appropriate University departments. Instructors in such courses shall be governed by SR 750(B). (Am 7 Mar 79)

2. Resident students may be admitted to Extension courses only as specified in SR 812.