1.3 Variances

Berkeley Division By-law 33 grants COCI authority to grant exceptions (i.e., variances) to Berkeley Division regulations governing courses of instruction and the granting of degrees, certificates, and honors. In exercising this authority appropriately and consistently, COCI adopted implementing procedures that are included in the Variances section of this handbook. The relevant regulations are also included as needed in reference to the procedures.

Note to students: Variance requests submitted to COCI should be endorsed by your affiliated department or college. When submitting a variance request to COCI, please work in coordination with your departmental/college adviser throughout the process.

Note to advisers: Please refer to the Regulations of the Academic Senate as well as this COCI Handbook when submitting variance requests to COCI.

Please direct questions regarding variance requests to Linda Corley at lindac@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail) or 642-4340.