3.5.1 Graduation Under Suspension of the Regulations

Systemwide By-law 312A.3 states “Each Division shall recommend, in its discretion, candidates [for the degree list] under suspension of the regulations, provided that such candidates have been approved by the appropriate Faculty or Graduate Council.”

With respect to recommending candidates for degrees under suspension of the regulations, COCI (which recommends candidates on behalf of the Division) permits the deans (who represent the approving Faculty) to bring cases to the Committee before the student in question is placed on the degree list. This allows the deans to preemptively justify allowing the student(s) to graduate under suspension of the regulations and to inform the student whether he or she will be on the degree list.

In some cases the dean does not have an opinion and seeks the views of the Committee. However, in a large majority of cases the dean recommends suspension of the regulations.

If the Committee acts favorably on a request for graduation under suspension of the regulations, it will notify the dean that if the student is placed on the degree list with the rest of the candidates, COCI will recommend that student for graduation under Academic Senate By-law 312.A.3.