3.5.8 Regulations of the Berkeley Division Related to Degrees

A290. Residence

Except as provided in Senate Regulations 614 and 694, the minimum residence at the University of California required for a degree is two Semesters. (See SR 688. For an exception to this regulation, see SR 690.) (Rev. 3.83)

A291. Senior Residence

A.  After 90 units toward the Bachelor’s Degree have been completed, the remaining units must meet the following residence requirement (except as otherwise provided in this Section and SR 614):

  1. At least 24 of the remaining units must be completed in residence in the College or School in which the degree is to be taken;
  2. These units must be completed in at least two semesters (the semester in which the 90 units are exceeded, plus at least one additional semester).
  3.  A Summer Session can be credited as a semester in residence if the number of successfully completed units is greater than, or equal to, the minimum number of units required for a semester of residence. (En. 3.85)
  4. Students enrolled in the Education Abroad Program may be permitted to satisfy the residence requirement by completing 24 of their final 60 units in residence in the College or School in which the degree is to be taken. At least 12 of these 24 units must be taken in the student’s final Semester before graduation. For this option, approval prior to enrollment in the education Abroad Program must be obtained from the department concerned and the Dean of the student’s College or School. (Rev. 3.83)