Modifying an Approved AC Course / Instructor Changes

Information for creating a new AC course may be found here.

The Subcommittee on the Breadth Requirement in American Cultures (AMCULT) is responsible for monitoring the consistency of the AC curriculum on campus and ensuring that courses – new or old – are taught in accordance with Berkeley Division Senate Regulation 300. As part of this monitoring, the Subcommittee reviews any changes to course materials (syllabus, reading list, etc.) and any new sections of an approved course developed by instructors who will be teaching the course for the first time. As approval of an AC course is conditional, this review must be completed prior to any course or instructor changes being scheduled. This will allow the Subcommittee the opportunity to review the materials to be used and provide their endorsement that the course remains consistent with the “AC status” of the course.

Instructor changes may be submitted directly to the Academic Senate, outside of the Course Management System (CMS). In order for the Subcommittee to consider the updated materials or the new instructor, please submit the following:

  1. A cover letter answering, in detail, the three questions from the AC Course Approval Guidelines. Cover letters should also offer details regarding the actual materials used in the classroom. For example: How do the course readings relate to the major issues surrounding the different cultures the course covers?
  2. A fully developed syllabus for the course. Syllabi must include a complete list of assignments, a breakdown of grading requirements (percentage or points), details regarding weekly lecture/discussion topics, a reading list, and information about any final assessments.

See the review schedule for submission deadlines. The proposal may be submitted via campus mail to the Academic Senate, 320 Stephens Hall #5842 or via email to Senate Analyst Rachel Marias Dezendorf.

Instructors will receive a response regarding the Subcommittee’s review of their course materials within one week of the meeting at which they were reviewed. In some cases, the Subcommittee will provide comments and recommendations – in the interest of maintaining consistency across all campus offerings – and possibly ask for further information before endorsing an instructor’s course plan.

For questions about Senate review procedures or the outcome of a review, please contact the Subcommittee directly c/o Senate Analyst Rachel Marias Dezendorf. For questions regarding course development please contact the AC Center c/o Director Victoria Robinson.