2. Timing and Deadlines

COCI usually meets every other week during the academic year, adjusting for holidays, and the dates are posted on the meeting dates website. Whether courses are reviewed during the summer depends on the schedules of the COCI members. Academic Senate staff will announce any summer review dates by email and post on the meeting dates website.

  • Course proposals must be submitted in the Course Management System (CMS) at least one full week before a COCI meeting in order for it to be reviewed at the next meeting. Incomplete proposals or unforeseen delays may slow the review process.

  • During the weekdays before the Friday COCI meetings, subcommittees meet in person to review courses (and variance requests). These meetings are set each semester according to the schedules of the individual members. If requested follow-up information is sent to Senate Staff after the subcommittees have met, it may be too late for the course to be approved at the next COCI meeting, but the subcommittee will review the information in time for the following meeting.

  • COCI meets on Fridays and votes on final approvals, based on recommendations of the subcommittees. Senate Staff will finalize course approvals in CMS Friday afternoon or early the following week. After approvals are made, Course Contacts are notified via email. New courses and course modifications are automatically sent to the Campus Solutions (CS) system from CMS. Courses become available for scheduling in CS within three business days. Contact the Office of the Registrar's Scheduling Office (scheduling@berkeley.edu) if a course approved in CMS is not available in CS after three business days.

  • The  Berkeley Academic Guide(link is external) is updated daily overnight. Therefore, approved new courses and changes to existing courses will appear in the online Guide only after the course or change has been approved by COCI.

  • New courses and changes to existing courses must be approved before the beginning of instruction in the semester in which the course is to be taught. All course proposals should be submitted no later than one month before the end of the semester (fall or spring) preceding the semester in which the course is to be offered. During high volume periods (e.g., Schedule of Classes deadlines), COCI strongly recommends submission of course proposals in advance of the one-week or one-month timeline.

    The Committee will not consider a request for approval of a new course or change to an existing course after the start of the semester in which the course is being offered, barring exceptional circumstances. Contact Senate staff with questions.

  • Deadlines for Classroom Scheduling and Summer Sessions are enforced by those offices.