3. Levels of COCI Review

The requests below generally require full review by COCI, and will be approved according to the COCI meeting schedule:

  • New course
  • Change in:
    • Unit value
    • Instructional format
    • Grading type
    • Course restrictions
    • Prerequisites
    • Repeatability
    • Final exam type
    • Final exam group (this is a variance and is not submitted through CMS, instead use the Petition for Final Exam Group Change)
    • Title and/or description, if substantial
  • Addition of equivalent summer term of 3 weeks or other non-standard length

The requests below may be reviewed and approved by Senate staff, and therefore may be able to be approved more quickly (Disclaimer: each proposal will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; requests that are not straightforward, even if they fall into one of these categories, may be referred to COCI for review):

  • Change in course number
  • Cross-listing changes
  • Minor changes to course title and/or description
  • Change in term offered
  • Addition of equivalent standard summer term of 6, 8, or 10 weeks
  • Correction of errors
  • Withdrawal of a course

The requests below may be made by department course contacts without any Senate review for future, non-scheduled terms:

  • Instructor name (except in the case of American Cultures courses)
  • TIE code
  • Publish status (pruning)
  • Course objectives
  • Student learning outcomes