5.2 Rules for Roles

  • Every academic department must have at least one individual assigned to the role of Course Contact and at least one Department Reviewer.

  • Each individual assigned to a role logs in to the Course Management System with his or her CalNet ID (CAS ID).

  • Individual schools and colleges may decide whether they require school-level review and final school review as part of their approval workflow.

  • More than one person may be assigned to any role.

  • More than one role may be assigned to any person.

  • It is recommended that each department have at least one back-up Course Contact
  • The department must notify Senate Staff (Rachel Marias Dezendorf) by email when personnel changes affect course review. When notifying Senate Staff, please provide the user's full name, email address, UID number (found in the campus directory), what course codes the user needs access to, and identify what role they will have for the department. Please also indicate whether the new user will replace someone or be an additional contact. Senate Staff will then update the electronic approval workflow in the Course Management System and provide written confirmation that the change has been made.

The system does not support the distinction between Course Contacts who manage graduate vs. those who manage undergraduate courses. Departments that divide the responsibilities by level may assign both staff members to Course Contact role. Both will receive notifications for all courses using the department’s code, regardless of level, but need not respond to communications for courses they do not manage.