3.3.4 In Progress (IP) Grading in Sequence Courses

COCI requires instructors to submit one grade for all of a student’s work at the end of an In Progress sequence; if an instructor has a reason for a different grade at the end of each semester, the course should not be given on an In Progress basis.

If a student must drop out before completion of the full sequence, because of extenuating circumstances, the instructor may submit a grade for the term(s) completed to the Office of the Registrar. Chairs of departments offering sequence courses or participating in Interdepartmental Studies sequence courses should inform instructors that the course work should be so organized and performance records maintained in such a way that a letter grade can be reported if the student does not complete the sequence.

In order that In Progress grading may be used in a sequence, the following must appear in the written description of the course: ”Credit and grade to be awarded upon completion of the full sequence.” A student who does not complete the course sequence on schedule normally will be assigned the letter grade I for each term. However, upon approval of the dean of the student’s college or school or Graduate Division, the entire course may be dropped retroactively without academic penalty.

A student may not repeat any portion of a sequence course in which he or she has already received the grade In Progress except when the In Progress grade has been changed to a letter grade (for example, Incomplete) or a retroactive drop of the portion has been allowed.