3.3.5 Duplication of Credit by an Independent Study Course

Occasionally students ask COCI to approve an independent study course (99 or 199) as equivalent to a regular course offering in which the student has earned a grade of D or F. The student’s intent is to replace the unsatisfactory grade with the grade earned in the 99 or 199 course.

The Committee grants such requests only in unusual circumstances. It is COCI’s view that, in some important respects, 99 or 199 cannot replace or repeat a regular course offering; also, while students should be encouraged to repeat courses in which their work has been below standard, a department is not obligated to create special opportunities for students to do this.

As a practical matter, the Committee will approve requests for duplication of credit via an independent study course only when a department provides (before the add deadline) a written statement, in support of a student’s own written request, showing a) that the student did not neglect earlier or current opportunities to repeat the course, and b) that the student has a real need to repeat the course (e.g., has received a grade of F in a major requirement and plans imminent graduation).

The Committee will not approve a duplication of this kind solely to raise a student’s GPA.