6.2 To Create a New Course

The basic steps to proposing a new course are as follows:

  1. Create a proposal in the online Course Management System(link is external) (CMS) by clicking on Propose a Course in the top left corner of the page. Select from the available options:
    • Start from scratch
    • Copy an active course
    • Copy a withdrawn course

  2. Fill in or select course information on each screen, clicking the Save and Continue button at the bottom of each page. Attach a syllabus on the Finishing Up page.

  3. In the Justification section explain why the new course is being created or why the approved course is being modified. In the case of similar course modifications for multiple courses, consider attaching a cover letter from the department that explains the rational for the change (e.g., change in major requirements, comprehensive curriculum updates, etc). Remember, while your department may have been thinking about or discussing this new course or course modification for a long time, usually this proposal is new to COCI. Telling the "story" of how the modification came about very helpful.  

  4. Submit the proposal for departmental authorization by pressing the Submit button at the bottom of the Course Summary page. Until the Submit button is clicked the course proposal will remain a draft with the Course Contact. Once the proposal is approved by the department reviewer the proposal will be automatically forwarded to the next step in the review process - usually to the Academic Senate Staff for COCI review. In the case of cross-listed courses or for departments that have additional review layers the proposal will proceed for supplemental review and approval prior to reaching the Academic Senate.

Note: Course Toolbox Section 6.4: Proposal Pages elaborates these steps further.