2.2.4 Approved Instructional Formats

CLC CLINIC Students learn skills by actual practice involving patients or clients
COL COLLOQUIUM A seminar led by different instructors
CON CONVERSATION The practice of conversation in a foreign language
DEM DEMONSTRATION Student observation of an instructional display or performance
DIS DISCUSSION The exchange of opinions or questions on course material
FLD FIELDWORK Instructional activity in non-classroom settings
GRP DIRECTED GROUP STUDY Directed group study
IND INDEPENDENT STUDY Student-initiated educational activity
INT INTERNSHIP Individual activity in authentic non-academic setting arranged by instructor
LAB LABORATORY Instructional experiences requiring special laboratory equipment and facilities
LEC LECTURE Instructor presentation of course materials
REA READING The practice of reading in a foreign language
REC RECITATION Oral review of course material by students
SEM SEMINAR Student-instructor coverage of course materials
SES SESSION Instructor presentation of course material, with further discussion
SLF SELF-PACED Student-paced coverage, usually with individualized attention, of assigned course material
STD STUDIO Student practice of studio skills and/or tasks
SUP SUPPLEMENT Extra meetings for the review or elaboration of course materials
TUT TUTORIAL Supplementary (or remedial) individualized instruction
VOL VOLUNTARY Review of material presented in class lectures or review of laboratory sections. Unit credit not awarded. Attendance not required.
WBL WEB-BASED LECTURE Web-based or technologically-mediated activities replacing standard lectures.
WBD WEB-BASED DISCUSSION Web-based or technologically-mediated activities replacing standard discussion sections.
WOR WORKSHOP Student practice of mathematical skills and/or tasks