2.2.5 Prefixes and Suffixes

(last updated 03/15/13)

No more than five characters can be used to distinguish courses; this includes the use of prefixes and suffixes. COCI utilizes the following guidelines for the use of prefixes and suffixes.


In general, the use of prefixes is reserved for the identification of courses that meet specific requirements or have characteristics that are of campus-wide significance to students and advisers. Use of prefixes for other purposes is not acceptable without special justification. COCI has assigned the following prefixes: 


Suffixes are normally used to designate differences among courses within a departmental listing. Suffixes (A-Z) usually indicate a) courses covering a topic that extends over several terms; b) courses closely related in subject matter; or c) laboratories linked to lecture courses (the L suffix).

The AC suffix has campus-wide significance. COCI has stipulated that, as of spring 1996, all courses meeting the American Cultures requirement are to be identified with the AC suffix. For new courses, use of the AC suffix supersedes the use of any other prefix or suffix. Courses with a suffix that were approved for American Cultures prior to this stipulation are exempt from the requirement. Prior to receiving COCI approval, courses designed to fulfill the AC requirement must be reviewed and recommended for approval by the Subcommittee on the Breadth Requirement in American Cultures (AMCULT). See section 3.4 for information on the AC breadth requirement.