2.2.7 Cross-listed Courses and Room Shares

(last updated 05/08/15)

Cross-listed courses are courses offered jointly by more than one department. Cross-listed courses are identical except for the offering department.

Conversion to cross-listing requires approval by COCI. Each cross-listed course must specify an administrating department that will carry the primary administrative responsibility for the courses, including course scheduling and assignment of instructors. The administrating department may share these duties with other sponsoring units, but remains responsible for ensuring that these tasks are completed in accordance with campus policy and regulations.

Each part of a cross-listed course automatically restricts credit for the other part(s), and automatically allows grade replacement. Unless stated otherwise, duplicate credit will not be given for the different parts of a cross-listed course (e.g., students will not receive credit for taking both German C179 and Spanish C179).

The addition of a C prefix to a course number identifies it as a different course; e.g., German 179 is technically a different course from German C179/Spanish C179. If a course routinely shifts between the regular and cross-listed format, a department may choose to maintain a Berkeley Academic Guidelisting for each. However, unless stated otherwise, duplicate credit will not be given for courses with the same root number (e.g., no credit for both History C159A and History 159A). The Course Management System will automatically create a course restriction for any courses that use the same root number within the same department as in the History 159A example above.

A room share is an unofficial arrangement in which two or more classes share the same lectures. Room-shared courses must be equal in unit value, grading option, and instructional format. COCI encourages departments to formalize room shares as cross-listed courses whenever practicable. COCI has determined that Senate Regulation 762 (http://senate.universityofcalifornia.edu/bylaws-regulations/regulations/rpart3.html#r762(link is external)) is inconsistent with cross-listing lower and upper division courses and undergraduate and graduate courses. However, the regulation does permit room sharing under certain conditions. In some cases, departments may room share lower and upper division courses, and upper division and graduate courses. In these instances, however, the standards and requirements for each course must be clearly articulated and be in line with SR 762. COCI thus requires that a separate syllabus be provided for each room-shared course or that the requirements for graduate and undergraduate students be clearly delineated in the syllabus.