• Create a new cross-listed course - The Course Contact in the administrating department should initiate the proposal. Changes to cross-listed courses must be reviewed and approved by the chair (or appropriate designate) of each participating department in CMS prior to being submitted to COCI. Proposals will automatically be routed to each Department Chair in CMS. The routing is based on the order in which departments are listed on the course proposal. Only the Course Contact in the administrating department will receive messages relating to flags or comments from Senate Staff. Course Contacts for all participating departments will be notified when the course is approved.

  • To convert a course to be cross-listed - To convert a stand-alone course to a cross-listed course begin a modification on the approved course.

    • In the General Course Info section be sure to update the course number to include the "C" prefix and all additional departments that will be part of the cross-listing. The department that originally had the course approved will now become the administrating department moving forward. The designation of the administrating department may be changed at this point.

    • Make any additional course modifications that reflect the new cross-listed course and submit the course as normal. The course will first be authorized by the administrating department's chair (or designate) and then move to the next listed department. The proposal will move to any other cross-listed departments prior to reaching the Academic Senate. Each department involved in the cross-listing must approve of the proposal prior to review by COCI.

  • The course numbers do not have to be the same for all the departments. If there is a non-cross listed version of the course that will still be active, make sure to include on the Restrictions page in the Restrictions Description section an explanation of the restriction rules to prevent students from getting credit for both a cross-listed and non-cross-listed course that has identical content. The system will verify whether you wish to withdraw the non-cross-listed version of the course or keep it. If the only version of this course that will be offered in the future is the cross-listed one, you should choose to withdraw the non-cross-listed version. In the Justification section, explain the reason for the request. If the only change that is being made is to convert to cross-listing, mention that.

  • See the Course Toolbox 9.1: Training Materials for a library of how to sheets that includes a step-by-step sheet on cross-listing.