6.4.4 Requirements Page

  • If the course will meet the American Cultures Breadth Requirement (a UC Berkeley campus requirement) or the Reading and Composition Requirement (a School or College requirement), indicate it on this page. Note that for approved courses that do not meet any requirements, the Requirements page may not appear in the side menu bar.

  • American Cultures courses must be approved for AC content by the Subcommittee on the Breadth Requirement in American Cultures (AMCULT). Proposals are submitted in CMS and reviewed by AMCULT first, before COCI review. Proposals must include a cover letter in addition to the syllabus. See Procedures for creating and submitting an American Cultures course.

  • Reading and Composition courses must be approved for R&C content. See R&C Courses for more information.

  • Breadth requirements are not captured in CMS. See Breadth Requirement courses for more information.

  • University requirements such as Entry Level Writing, American History, and American Institutions can only be entered by COCI staff. Please note in the Justification section at the end of the course proposal if the course is intended to meet one of these requirements.