7.1 American Cultures Courses

American Cultures Courses – Courses that meet the Breadth Requirement in American Cultures, which is a campus-wide graduation requirement, as defined by Berkeley Division Regulation 300, must be approved by the American Cultures Subcommittee (AMCULT) and COCI. Proposals for AC courses are submitted in CMS. On the Requirements page, select the AC Requirement checkbox. On the Finishing Up page, be sure to attach a course syllabus and a cover letter from the instructor describing how the course meets the AC Requirement. The proposal will first be reviewed by AmCult and then forwarded to COCI for final approval. Instructor changes do not need to be submitted via CMS, but do need to be reviewed by the American Cultures Subcommittee. For more information on the American Cultures Course Approval process please see: Creating & Submitting a New AC Course

Note: Across the campus, the AC designation is used as a suffix on course numbers to demonstrate that the course meets the breadth requirement (e.g.: Course 123AC). For new courses, use of the AC suffix supersedes the use of any other prefix or suffix. Only courses approved prior to 1996 are exempt from this requirement.

American Cultures instructors are strongly encouraged to contact the American Cultures Center Director, Victoria Robinson(link sends e-mail), for assistance in AC course development. See the American Cultures Center(link is external) website for more information.