7.10 Special Studies Courses

  • Field Study 97/197 – Field studies courses must receive approval by the department chair. Proposals are not sent to the Academic Senate.

  • Group Study 98/198 - Regulations allow directed group study courses to be facilitated by faculty or students. Proposals for these courses must be approved by the department chair (or designate), and in the case of student-facilitated courses, by the instructor of record. A copy of the proposal must be submitted to the Committee on Courses of Instruction. Note that these course proposals must still be submitted on paper forms, and not online in CMS.

    • Student-facilitated (98/198 and DeCal) - course proposals should be submitted to COCI on the Special Studies Course Proposal Form available on the Special Studies website(link is external). The deadline for submission is one month before the end of instruction in the preceding semester (or summer), though department deadlines are usually earlier. Additional reference materials about student-facilitated courses are available on theStudent Facilitated Course Information page. Also see the COCI Handbook for additional information.

  • Independent Study 99/199 – Independent study courses must be approved by the supervising instructor and the department chair. The consent of the student’s major advisor is also required for 199 courses. Proposals are not sent to the Academic Senate.