7.4 Cross-listed Courses

Cross-listed Courses – A cross-listed course is offered jointly by two or more departments. All course information is identical for each department. Each set of cross-listed courses must specify an administrating department. The addition of a C prefix is requisite in order to identify a cross-listed course as a different course from a non-cross-listed course with the same number. It is possible to keep active both a cross-listed version and a non-cross-listed version of a course. The only exception in the prefix requirement is in the case of cross-listed courses that have also been approved to meet the AC breadth requirement. In this case, COCI has determined that the AC designation is vital information that may impact student academic planning decisions. In the event that character limitations prevent both the C and AC designations from being used, the AC designation has priority. In the case of cross-listing between lower and upper-division courses and undergraduate and graduate courses, they may share lectures, laboratories, or other common content but must have clearly differentiated and unique performance criteria, requirements, and goals (see Senate Regulation 762(link is external)). Room sharing may be allowed in some circumstances (see Course Toolbox Section 7.9: Room Shared Courses for more information).