2.1.1 New Courses

  • When a new course is proposed, the following must be documented: course number, course title, abbreviated transcript title, unit value, instructional format and contact hours, duration of course, prerequisites, estimated total number of required hours of student work per week, restrictions, and department chair and/or dean’s approval (as determined by the college or school).

  • As noted above, new course proposals must include information on the estimated total number of required hours of student work per week. This estimate includes course contact hours as well as time spent doing course work outside of the classroom. See section 2.3.1, Designation of Unit Value.

  • New courses, including special topics courses, require the submission of a syllabus. A syllabus should include the following: an outline of the topics to be covered in the course (a week-by-week schedule or other detailed list that conveys how the course will be presented), a reading list or a summary of the sort of works to be used, a list of course requirements (e.g., papers, quizzes, exams), and the relative weight of each requirement toward the final grade (e.g., two ten-page papers, 20% each; two quizzes, 10% each; final exam, 40%).