2.1.2 Changes to Existing Courses

  • Should a request to change an existing course title, description, instructional format, or unit value be submitted that substantially alters the existing course, the course, at the Committee’s discretion, may be treated as a new course. Such a course submission should include a fully developed syllabus.

  • Requests to increase or decrease the unit value of a course must always be explained, with sufficient justification given. Requests to change unit value must also include a revised estimate of the total number of hours of student work per week (see section 2.3.1, Designation of Unit Value).

  • Once a course is approved, the syllabus and readings may be changed without the Committee’s approval so long as the description, goal, and instructional format of the course, as well as the essential pedagogical approach, remain the same. However, please note that changes in final examination format must meet COCI final examination guidelines. See section 2.1.3 on Final Examinations.