2.1.10 Criteria Used in Course Review

  • Are the standards for the proposed course consistent with the standards for other courses taught on the Berkeley campus?

  • Is the level (lower division, upper division, graduate, professional) appropriate? Are the prerequisites justified?

  • Is the instructional format (lecture, discussion, laboratory, etc.) of the course appropriate? (see Section 2.2.4)

  • Is the unit value for the course justified? That is, is there an appropriate workload (as defined by Senate Regulation 760) for the number of units offered? (see Section 2.3.1)

  • Does the syllabus present in a clear manner the requirements for the course and the standards for assessment of student work? The relative weight of each requirement toward the final grade should be specified. (see Section 2.1.1 on New Courses)

  • Is the course description sufficient to let students know the general content of the course? (see Section 2.1.10)

  • Does the course appear to fit the department's curriculum and disciplinary jurisdiction? While COCI is not charged with approving curricula, courses and curricula should have some relation to one another.

  • Does the course inappropriately duplicate the content of another course in the department or of a course in another department or school? It is recognized that minor overlap is unavoidable and that two or more departments may offer courses with similar subject matter, but with quite different disciplinary perspectives.