6.4.9 Proposal Summary Page

Once all sections of a proposal are completed, the system will direct you to a summary page to review information prior to submitting the proposal for department approval. Options on this page include:

  • Create a Printable PDF – CMS stores everything electronically, but if you want to print out a paper copy of a proposal or an approved course, you can do so by clicking on the PDF button. You can also print a group of proposals by selecting them in the Proposals List and selecting Print Proposals in the Action drop-down menu.

  • Course Summary – This tab shows all of the course information combined into a course listing as it transmitted to the Berkeley Academic Guide. Be mindful that how the information currently displays in CMS does not mirror how it is displayed in the Guide. 

  • History – The History tab allows you to compare previous versions of courses. Select two to view side-by-side, or see at a glance what changed and when. Information from prior to 2012 will be limited.

  • Submit Course – After you have reviewed all the information you’ve entered, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Proposal button. After the Course Contact submits the proposal, it will be routed to the Department Chair for review and approval.

  • Comments – Before you click the Submit Proposal button, you can also write a comment in the comment box. The comment is simply a note to Senate Staff, as opposed to the Justification section. Do keep in mind that the comments become part of the permanent record in CMS for the course. 

    • Any time you make changes to a proposal at the request of Senate Staff, you should write a comment to explain what you’ve done, so that Senate Staff will be notified by email and can follow up on the proposal.CMS does not notify Senate Staff automatically when a proposal has been updated unless a comment is written.

  • Activity Log – The Activity Log at the bottom of the page keeps track of all actions taken on the course starting with the Course Contact submitting the proposal, the Department Chair approval, comments between Senate Staff and Course Contact, and COCI approval.