Regulations Related to Final Exams

SR 770. No student shall be excused from assigned final examinations, except as provided in SR 772(D).

SR 772.

A.  Final examinations are required in all undergraduate courses, except as provided elsewhere in this Regulation. Whenever practicable each such examination shall be written and must be completed by all participants within a previously announced time limit. Examinations in non-laboratory courses may not exceed three hours’ duration.

B. Examinations are normally not required in laboratory courses or their equivalent, as individually determined by the appropriate Committee on Courses. At its option, the department concerned may require a final examination in any laboratory course, subject to prior announcement in the Schedule of Classes for the term in question.

C. With the approval of the appropriate Committee on Courses and upon recommendation of the department concerned, the final examination may be omitted in any undergraduate course or set of courses either once or for a longer period.

D.  At the end of the term in which a student is expected to be graduated, the student’s major department may examine the student in the field of the major, may excuse the student from final examinations in courses offered by the department during that term, and, with the approval of the appropriate Committee on Courses, may assign a credit value to such general examination.

BDR A251. Disposition of Final Examinations

It is the responsibility of instructors and/or departments to return to the students their final examinations or copies of them, or to retain their students’ final examinations or copies of them, for a period of thirteen months after the dates of such examinations. In the latter case, it is also their responsibility to provide a student access to his or her final examination, either by providing the student with a copy of the final examination or by making arrangements for the student to review it under suitable supervision. If the student is unable to review the final examination under suitable supervision, then a copy of it shall be provided to him or her. (Am. 4.4.94, 4.23.09)